Toolkits Online 2024 - Keteparaha mō te ipurangi

Online workshops available to schools and staff in the  Manaiakalani Network. A great opportunity to learn new skills, stay updated on the latest technology and resources, and connect with other educators. The offerings support the effective use of technology within the Manaiakalani pedagogy and kaupapa. 

There is something for everyone

In addition to attending workshops and training sessions, you can also contribute to the community by offering your own toolkit. Developing a toolkit is a great way to reflect on your own teaching and identify best practices that can be shared with others. Plus, it's a great opportunity to share something you are passionate about with the community. Don't be shy, sign up now and start sharing your own toolkit.

Toolkits will happen  one week each term  TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY -THURSDAY 

The first workshops start  after school at 3.30pm and more options at 4.30pm and 7.00pm to allow you more chance to connect at a time that suits you .  

Each Toolkit time slot offers  a selection of 45 minute online workshops.

Term 3

August 20,21,22

Term 1
March 12,13,14

Term 2 

June 4,5,6

Term 3 

August 20,21,22

Term 4
Nov  12,13,14