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Toolkits Getting Ready

A Big Thank you - for providing a toolkit

Slides We have made consistent slide deck starter shared with you (Means they are all in one place for later) - When you are ready you can change to anyone with the link can view.

Workshop size limits

We will not set a limit on participants unless you indicate the workshop design will only support a certain number. Generally the number attending is smaller than the number registered.

Sending Calendar invites to participants.

You can see who is registered in the registration summary tab

Send a calendar invite to each participant to help them to access the Meet seamlessly. Users must knock to request to join the meeting unless they're on the calendar invite.

You can copy their emails from the Registration Summary by copying across the row for your workshop.


We have set the the toolkit duration for 45 mins. Aim to get in to your hang out 10-15 mins before the start time so people can connect. Important for 3.30 ones where participants may go on to next round.

Google Meet resource resource

Here is Google’s Getting started with Meet guide it is worth sharing with people if needed. There is some intro to meet info on slides. Most people have got the hang of Meets (With Covid creating a real practice ground for online meetings and the digital fluency intency directly proving meet training)

Record the session if you can and upload to the Drive folder

Put with recordings for the Term it belongs to .

How to record the session

Use the recording method of you of your choice. If using Google meet the recording limit is set to 60 mins so start recording after the meet has started. Download the temporary meet fil and upload to folder.

Use Quicktime to record the screen during the session and upload the file to the Google Drive folder. Yo

Instructions on quicktime recording here

What does a Wingperson do

  • Mute mics that are causing a problem

  • Chat - monitor the questions and feed in (ie speak to the presenter) when you can

  • Record the session - suggest quicktime trial first if you can

  • generally supporting and helping the presenter and participants

  • Upload to session recording folder when you get a chance

If you need a wingperson shout out !!

There is Google Form survey on your final slide

This will take people about 1 min to submit

Includes place for people to express interest in running a toolkit.

Hope you have some fun and get Learn Create Share cranking

Sample Session Recording

Gerhard Vermeulen - Exploring Google

Sample slides

Renee Raroa - T1 - Culturally Responsive Practice